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Canon 70d semiprofessional camera with 18-135mm STM lens

2,000,000.00 WEBD

Device in very good condition. Excellent for both photo and video with a silent focus lens, Dual Pixel (2x 20 Megapixels), best in-line autofocus in its generation, mobile screen, high-definition LCD screen, professional-grade DSLR ergonomics. It has silent shutter and Wi-Fi. It comes with strap, battery and charger. Eventually exchange with Canon ..

Air sterilization device

5,000,000.00 WEBD 9,000,000.00 WEBD

Current specialized studies, conducted in the context of the pandemic, fully confirm the efficiency of using ultraviolet C (UV-C) radiation in the neutralization of bacteria, microbes and viruses.As a technical solution for the safe use of this method, air sterilizers have been designed and manufactured.The use of the solution has not only a mome..

Controller Sony Dualshock 4 V2 New Model pentru Playstation 4

200,000.00 WEBD

On sale for cryptocurrency WebDollar. The new Wireless Controller for PlayStation 4, V2 DualShock ® 4 features new innovations to offer a more exciting gameplay experience including a highly sensitive six-axis sensor and a touchpad located on the top of the controller that offers new ways play and interact with games. The new controller comes with ..

Machine for planing and grinding wood + Exhaustor

15,000,000.00 WEBD

Planing and grinding machine Nikmann FS 41NAbbreviated features: Planing width 410 mm Length of tableware 1800 mm Dimensions parallel guide planing 1100 x 155 mm Tilt parallel plane guide 90 - 45 degrees Number of knives 4 pieces Diameter of block cutter 100 mm Cutting block speed 4500 rpm Maximum depth of pl..

Olympus Pen E-PL7 mirrorless camera with pancake lens

1,000,000.00 WEBD

The device is in very good condition, with only 2490 triggers! A small, compact mirrorless, vintage design and m43 sensor. Very good ergonomics, wi-fi, folding screen including self-touching and touchscreen.- 16 megapixel resolution- ISO 200-2500- Integrated sensor stabilization (3 axes, equivalent compensation of 3.5 exposure steps)- TruePic VII I..

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