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Canon 70d semiprofessional camera with 18-135mm STM lens

2,000,000.00 WEBD

Device in very good condition. Excellent for both photo and video with a silent focus lens, Dual Pixel (2x 20 Megapixels), best in-line autofocus in its generation, mobile screen, high-definition LCD screen, professional-grade DSLR ergonomics. It has silent shutter and Wi-Fi. It comes with strap, battery and charger. Eventually exchange with Canon ..

Controller Sony Dualshock 4 V2 New Model pentru Playstation 4

200,000.00 WEBD

On sale for cryptocurrency WebDollar. The new Wireless Controller for PlayStation 4, V2 DualShock ® 4 features new innovations to offer a more exciting gameplay experience including a highly sensitive six-axis sensor and a touchpad located on the top of the controller that offers new ways play and interact with games. The new controller comes with ..

Olympus Pen E-PL7 mirrorless camera with pancake lens

1,000,000.00 WEBD

The device is in very good condition, with only 2490 triggers! A small, compact mirrorless, vintage design and m43 sensor. Very good ergonomics, wi-fi, folding screen including self-touching and touchscreen.- 16 megapixel resolution- ISO 200-2500- Integrated sensor stabilization (3 axes, equivalent compensation of 3.5 exposure steps)- TruePic VII I..

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