From where can you get the cryptocurrency of the future WEBD (WebDollar)?

First of all, you can keep it simple by opening the page, just have a powerful processor on your computer.

Or, you can buy it on an exchage, currently this cryptocurrency is listed on,

Transactions will be checked on the blockchain explorer (it is similar to a bank account but is public), there are two known and

It is very important to strictly follow the steps of the payment procedure, copy the WEBD address of the store and enter the WEBD address that will pay for your order.

Make payments using your wallet at the official website

The product suppliers on this store are carefully selected to provide seriousness and quality.

After confirmation of payment in blockchain, we will notify the supplier to deliver the product to the customer.

The supplier will receive payment after the customer confirms receipt of the product.

If for various reasons the supplier can not honor the order will return the value in WEBD to the account of the WEBD client from where he paid the product.

Shop.Aji.Ro presents the products of the supplier and ensures that the transaction between the supplier and the client is performed in good conditions.

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