was the first exchange that saw the potential of our project and listed WebDollar without even being asked for it.

WebDollar started trading for its first time on on 8th of February 2019, just a few days after hybrid (POW + POS) mining was implemented.

Because our community was eager for an exchange, soon became overwhelmed by the impressive numbers of WebDollar's trades and volume. proved to be the perfect big step for WebDollar after hybrid (POW + POS) mining implementation. A top 20 by volume on, is the fastest growing cryptocurrency exchange in the world.

WebDollar was listed and traded for the first time on the 20th of March 2019. Only a few days after the listing, our Telegram reached over 10k community members while our Twitter jumped over the 5k followers mark.

A trading market volume of almost half a billion US dollars made p2pb2b extremely appealing to WebDollar miners, enthusiasts, early adopters, and new owners, for in only a few days after the listing, more than 70 million WEBD was transferred towards the exchange.

Pairings are also a true trader’s delight since WEBD is traded on p2pb2b against Ethereum, Bitcoin, and USD. - BUY NOW WEBDOLLAR

On 19th April 2019 we were listed on the third exchange -, and immediately on April 20th 2019 we were listed on CMC (Cryptocurrency Market Capitalizations).

The evolution of this cryptocurrency is organic, natural. - BUY NOW WEBDOLLAR